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Where do two big continents and two great oceans meet, only divided by a narrow strip of land? We will give you a clue! What is the most famous canal of the world? Well, by now you must have guessed it! Yes, indeed, it is PANAMA, where the North and South American continents meet and where the Atlantic and Pacific are connected by the "Eight wonder of the World", the Panama Canal!

The Panama Canal - still going strong
When the Spanish conquistador Balboa managed to cross the Central American Isthmus in 1513, he was the first European who discovered the biggest ocean of the world, the Pacific Ocean. A dream was born to build a canal connecting the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans. However it took over 400 hundred years of enormous efforts to make the dream come true. The Panama Canal was inaugurated in 1914, being then
the greatest technical achievement ever made by mankind. The very same canal is still operating today being the most important waterway in the world, with more than 12000 yearly transits. A third lane is now under construction which will guarantee a growth of the traffic for years to come. For anybody visiting Panama a cruise through the locks of the canal is a more than a must, it is a life time experience!


Living Indian culture
Also located on the Atlantic side is the amazing San Blas Islands, a group of more than 400 islands of which 48 are inhabited by the proud Kuna Indians. This is Kuna Yala territory, an autonomous Indian nation with more than 40000 people who are world famous for their Mola art, a handicraft that has been carried forward for generations by the skilful Kuna women, who still wear their beautiful native clothing. In Panama there are seven different Indian tribes and cultures, all with their own languages and rich cultural traditions. Some of the tribes live on the islands, others along the rivers deep in the jungle and some up in the mountains, all trying to preserve their unique and distinctive lifestyles! The Indian culture and heritage truly adds an extra distinctive flavour to everyday life in Panama.

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